Where to Find Teacup Pigs for Sale

Teacup pigs are types of pigs that are just about the same size of a tea cup. This is just one of the many amazing features that. Other than being really small pets, they’re also very cute, but regardless of their small size, they are also very entertaining, friendly and smart animals. These are just among the reasons why people kept on finding teacup pigs for sale.

There were talk regarding teacup pig, lots of people have claimed they are just as intelligent as the typical dog, just certainly a whole lot smaller, teacup-pigs could be great pets, but without the proper training and treatment, they can effortlessly become really lazy and lazy pets.

Having a teacup pig is extremely much like having a 2 years old kid at home, you have to ensure that there is not something that they can bust, teacup pigs are recognized to wonder in case you have not made it risk-free for the pets, it can hurt or at the very least cause destruction to the entire house.
You will have to keep the pig get what it deserved to get, maintain its alertness and activeness, and they’re normally happy, engaging them into different activities is one very sound aspects of rearing a teacup pig, you will need to give them anything to do at all times, weather it is toys for having fun with them, whatever will do that will really get them into some action.

Proper caring

A sluggish pig will probably be an unhappy pig, in most cases you should go and walk the pig a couple of times a day, much like in the case of ordinary dog, this helps keep them lively, happy, and active pets, in your own home, they will act just like a two years old kid, basically always seeking its master’s attention!

Teacup pigs as pets

Teacup pigs are considered by exotic pet lovers and one of the latest pet trends to hit America and UK and everybody is just curious and eager to find teacup pigs for sale in their respective areas.

Over the past few years having small pigs as household pets is becoming hugely popular. The popularity started in the 80s from miniature Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs. In a short time, this exotic small creature had mushroomed to superstar stardom and has been for some time has become the most desirable type of pet.

Miniature pigs are typically healthy and strong and can live usually between five and 15 years, but with the proper care and nourishment many endure past this life expectancy.
They’re becoming a lot more domesticated with each and every generation taking pleasure in human interaction from an early age and quickly adjusting to new environment, they’ve got a strong metabolism and incredibly fewer ailments compared to most pedigree pets these days.
Listed here are several of the reasons why teacup pigs are the perfect pet for the present time and why mini pigs may be the new best friend of most people.

Pot Bellied Pigs

This is one of the most common breeds of teacup pigs that almost all people have heard about. You can sot the ideal example of pot bellies pigs by looking into some important factors and signs. The most obvious paunch, that may reach the ground throughout pregnancy, the marginally swayed back, straight tail, as opposed to the curly-cue with the domestic farm and ordinary hog, the erected ears and also the typical black coating are all common qualities of this type of breed.

These pigs are noted to enjoy a lifespan of more than 25 years within their wild environment. Given that they have only been around the country for not more than 30 years, there’s no enough information and statistics that lead to broader understanding on the breed.

Being a household pet, nothing else breeds compare to the pot belly in terms of their popularity. Studies have started up about the breed, such as efforts to widen the information that people learn from them as a household pet.

Cute Pigs – A Dose of Delightfulness

Don?t we just have a knack of admiring anything that we find cute no matter how they have not-so-cute counterparts For instance, if we have a pet dog, we sometimes can?t help but hope that theyll remain as puppies forever. They just seem to be way cuddlier and adorable as little dogs. Such is the case for pigs as well. Even though typical farm pigs will one day grow up to 1000 pounds when fully grown, they all start as piglets which are certainly adorable. Sometimes, we find that voice in our heads hoping that they can keep their miniature sizes forever. However, such as a scenario is actually possible today. Thanks to the fact that there are breeders out there who breed miniature sized pigs which are referred to as teacup pigs. Hence, if you acquire one from a trusted breeder, you can be sure to have some cute pigs until the animals reach adulthood.

A lot of people would most likely be skeptical when it comes to a teacup pig?s size. They might be thinking that in no time, they will no longer maintain their miniature size. At birth, these pigs are so small they could fit into a teacup; thus the term teacup pig. They weigh about a little over half a pound and when they become fully grown, some of these pigs can reach up to 65 pounds in weight and 16 inches in height. Teacup pigs reach adulthood at about 2 to 3 years of age. Despite a notable increase in their weight as they become adults, this weight is very much smaller when compared to farm pigs. Hence, they still retain that image of being small. If keeping a 65-pound pig as a pet is still cumbersome to you, then it would be great if you find a teacup pig that won’t reach such a size when they become adults. How can this be, you might ask? The truth is, there are breeders out there that produce teacup pigs which will only reach a weight of 15 to 20 inches when fully grown. Thus, the key is for you to find a breeder that will produce cute pigs that won?t grow too big when they become adults.

Keeping teacup pigs as a pet will prove to be an interesting experience. Aside from being intelligent animals, they are also affectionate and are quite a sight to see. If you are planning to acquire on as a pet, be sure to get them from a trusted breeder since scams are prevalent. Try checking Pennywell Farm and Penny’s Little Porkers for more information about acquiring these teacup piggies.

Pictures of Pigs Learn More about Pigs with Pictures

Its crazy how people in general seem to have a lot of misconceptions about pigs. For instance, most people think that pigs are dirty animals when in fact they are actually really love being clean. Also, only a few might know that pigs are among the most intelligent animals. They rank fourth in intelligence in the animal kingdom, behind chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants. While pigs are more widely known to be found in animal farms to later end up in your dinner table, they have already been recognized to be pets since the 90s. However, not just any pig can be considered to be a pet. Potbelly pigs and miniature ones are the choice to make when you are thinking of having a pet pig. Miniature pigs which are most commonly referred to as teacups are smaller versions of the animals which are ideal for the entire pet concept. Potbelly pigs originated from Southeast Asia and found their way to North America during the 90s. They have been since known to be pets by many families and individuals. It is really great to be enlightened about a subject matter which you might find interest in and what better way of learning more about it through a series of images? Hence, we are presenting some pictures of pigs for you to have a better grasp of this entire pig commotion.

Pig Training

Since pigs are known to rank high in the hierarchy of intelligence among the other species of the animal kingdom, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get fast results when you train them. Positive reinforcement is typically used when training a pig. For instance, you can teach the animal to ?sit? while encouraging him with some form of treat.

Pig Food

Pigs are known to have quite the appetite. It is said that they?ll eat just about anything. They even go to some extents just to obtain food to fill their piggy tummies. For instance, they might learn how to open a cabinet door if they think that there?s food waiting for them in it. The range of food they eat can usually include plants such as fruit, vegetables, yams and berries.

Friendly Animals

Aside from being intelligent, pigs also have a friendly and affectionate disposition. Hence, it is no wonder that they became a choice of pet for many people.


A lot of people would associate pigs with being dirty. However, that is one huge misconception that must be eradicated. They are, in fact, one of the cleanest animals. They do not just leave their waste in any unlikely area and make sure that their living spaces are clean.

It is great to learn much about these animals while having to look at pictures of pigs. Now, you have been clarified about some misconceptions about these animals and learned some facts that can help you understand their nature.

Baby Pigs – Facts and Information

Ever thought of pigs as adorable creatures.  What more would you expect if they are in their tinier forms? Without a doubt, baby pigs are really adorable. They can get extremely cute when they exhibit some of their little tricks which can make anyone be in awe. A baby pig is referred to as a piglet. At birth, they weigh around 1.5 kg and a dramatic increase in their weight can be observable in a week time since their birth. When a mother pig gives birth, the litter will usually consist of 8 to 12 piglets. A sow (the mother pig) can give birth to up to 2 litters of these piglets in a year. These warm-blooded animals suckle their babies and weaning begins when the young pig reaches an age of three months. However, young pigs still remain with their mothers even if such is the case.

When raised in the right environment and provided with the correct amount of food and care, baby pigs will grow to be healthy and strong mature pigs. If you have a pig as a pet, training can also be provided to pigs especially while they are young. In case you didn’t know, pigs are the fourth smartest group of animals so you can just think of how training shouldn’t be much of a pain. Train the little pig at a moderate phase without having to repeat the same thing over and over again since the pig can get bored if that is the case. Tricks are also something you can teach pigs. If theres something thats cooler than having a pig as a pet, it would be a pig that has a trick or two up their sleeves (or hooves maybe). With much patience, you can teach a pig several tricks such as how to sit or do the spin or circle. Heres a YouTube-uploaded video of a young pig being taught how to sit:

Here are some pointers in raising a piglet:

  • Newly born piglets are incapable of generating warmth for themselves. Hence, it is important that you keep them warm through using heat lamps or putting them in dry areas. Set a temperature of about 85 to 90 degrees F.
  • Give the little pig the right food. What should you feed a piglet. Most animal health stores sell proprietary sows milk replacer which is ideal for piglets. Also, providing these little pigs with sufficient iron supply is important since a newly born pig has minimal supply of iron. Iron can be given to them through injection or through administering iron paste. Animal health suppliers should be able to give you the aforementioned items.
  • Vaccination is another thing thats recommended for pet piglets to avoid them from developing unwanted diseases. You can go to a veterinarian for more information about this.

What are Potbelly Pigs

Maybe you’ve heard of and seen them countless of times and cant help but get curious about potbelly pigs. What are these pigs anyway. What makes them seem so special and popular Potbellied pigs actually originated from parts of Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, and were later brought to Canada and then the United States. Even though they were originally imported into North America for zoos, they have since then become a choice as a pet for many individuals and families. The first of these pigs that were brought to the United States were black but there are more variations in its color nowadays due to crossbreeding.

In terms of size, a potbelly pig is much smaller in comparison to their counterparts found in animal farms. When fully grown, they can reach a height of 13 to 20 inches and can weigh from 130 to 150 pounds. In some cases, they can reach a weight of 200 pounds when overfed. Moreover, potbelly pigs can are expected to have a life span of 10 to 15 years. They become fully grown when they reach an age of 3 to 4 years. Potbellied pigs are intelligent animals. They are actually ranked as the 4th most intelligent animal. Thus, it doesn’t come as a wonder how they became a popular pet choice for many people. If you plan to acquire one as a pet, then read on for you some tips and more information that will help you understand their nature.

 These pigs can be given litter training so that it will be easier for you to clean up their waste. They can also be taught commands just like how dogs are typically trained to sit. Exercise is also beneficial for the health of a potbelly pig. Hence, it is important that they have enough space to move around in. You can also bring them for regular walks as a form of exercise. Furthermore, even though pigs are known to be quite the heavy eaters, it is still important to know the kind of food that is right for them. Overfeeding them is not at all recommended since this can lead them to become overweight. You can give your pigs fruits and vegetables as a part of their diet. There are also commercially available feeds or pig chow that contains essential nutrients which can help your pet be healthy.

Having a potbelly pig as a pet can be overwhelming and really demanding. Hence, it would be great for you to keep up on learning more about the nature and behavior of these animals before you decide to buy one as a pet.

What to Expect From a Porky Pet

Who knew that at this point in time, pigs have earned a reputation for being a pet for many families and individuals. Keeping a pig as a pet is, without a doubt, an interesting prospect. But, before you proceed with acquiring one as a pet, you should first deliberate if you are capable of giving your pet pig the attention and care that it deserves. Having pet pigs have certainly become a trend especially when celebrities such as Paris Hilton show them off to the world as a pet. However, what really are the pros and cons of having a pet pig What would a prospective pig pet owner expect from having this animal as an addition to the family

While there are regular-sized pigs (the one you find in animal farms), there also exists a variety of pigs which is the choice for pet owners. I am talking about teacup and pot bellied pigs which are much smaller in size when compared to their animal farm counterparts. Maybe unbeknownst to many, pigs are actually intelligent and playful creatures. Thus, as pets, they can be trained and they can be really interesting company at home. It is best to train them when it comes to their food since pigs are known to be demanding when it comes to eating. They can even go as far as opening the fridge or any other compartments where food may be stored. They can also have litter box training so that you wouldn’t have many headaches and end up cleaning up their wastes laid on unwanted places. Another characteristic of pigs is that they are actually clean and odorless. something that most people might not be aware of.

One of the challenges of taking care of pigs as pets is the fact that they generally need more attention compared to pets such as dogs and cats. Hence, if you are strongly planning to have a pig as a pet, then you should be prepared of what is awaiting you. Commitment is important if you consider having a pig as a pet and doing some research will help you understand their nature even better. Moreover, since pigs are social animals; hence keeping at least two of these pets will be a good idea to avoid them from getting bored.  When they get bored, they can become destructive and can come as a pain in such situations. In terms of feeding them, it is advised that they be given fruits, vegetables or commercially prepared rations as their food. There are actually laws stating that pet pigs must not be fed with waste such as meat, bones and other animal parts.

Now that you have some insights of how it is to have a pig as a pet, ask yourself if you are truly capable of keeping one. Who knows, you might be surprised at how these animals can be a great addition to your household.

Information to Boost your Knowledge

The teacup trend seems to be quite a big hit in the animal industry these days. Aside from teacup dogs, there are also teacup pigs available. Who knew that aside from ending up on our dinner table, pigs can also be considered as pets especially when they come in a miniature form/ Well, who wouldn’t adore these cute little creatures that are just too pleasing to the sight. They can be affectionate and intelligent, too, just like the animals that we treat as traditional pets. Even though pigs are known to be farm animals, their potentials as pets are being pushed by certain animal-welfare advocates. More and more pet owners have selected these miniature pigs as their pet of choice. With a little more research and checking on the facts, you might end up being interested in having a teacup pig as a pet.

From the term itself, it is easy to tell that teacup pigs are much smaller in comparison to regular pigs. How did the teacup variety of pigs get so small. These little pigs actually are especially bred for them to achieve their smaller than average size. If you are planning to purchase, it would be best to acquire one from a trusted breeder so that you wont be worried about any issues about your to-be pet such as health risks. During infancy, teacup pigs are very small and can be fitted into a teacup; thus the term teacup. However, they become much bigger when they become adults (starting at 2 to 3 years of age). When fully grown, they can range from 45 to 95 pounds in weight. Although they dont really carry their teacup trait for the rest of their lives, they are still much smaller when compared to farm pigs which can grow up to 1200 pounds as adults. Since you are going to care for them as pets, it is important that you understand the nature and needs of these animals. Just like other pigs, they love rolling in mud and have baths to stay clean. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be offered to these pigs as food. Also make sure that your pet has an access to fresh water at all times to avoid him from being dehydrated. Teacup pigs are intelligent. a characteristic which makes them very trainable. You can train them using special treats such as fruit and veggies as a reward as a part of his training through positive reinforcement.

Teacup pigs appear to be quite an interesting pet to keep. You can join in the bandwagon of teacup pig owners through finding reliable breeders and sellers.

Teacup Pigs for Sale

Teacup Pigs for Sale

If you are looking for ways to purchase a teacup, you might want to go through banners, ?teacup pigs for sale?. As a matter of fact, you can purchase teacup pigs either through online or offline. Before purchasing teacup pigs, you should go through the pros and cons of having them at home. It is required to do quick research so that you will find out whether you can manage them or not.

Various names and various searches

In fact, there are various names for teacup pigs. They are called by names such as miniature pigs, nano pigs, micro pigs and pot bellied pigs as piggykittenwell. In order to make the most from your search on pigs for sale?, you should want to replace the word, ?teacup pigs? with the words mentioned here so that you will be able to make the most from your search. You should not loose excellent opportunity for the simple reason that you didn?t search by using the right kind of keyword. There is a slight difference between teacup pigs and pot bellied pigs as pot bellied pigs? size will be bigger than the regular teacup pigs.

Eating all the time

Pigs are prone to eat all the time. Even if you maintain the strictest diet code, they are prone to eat. Due to this reason they will grow in horizontal, vertical and height-wise as well. If you do feed teacup pigs, it will reveal your cruelty to animals. There were instances where pigs were abandoned by their owners as they no longer were able to bear them financially or through other ways. This situation should not arise after bringing home your favorite pigs through the ?Teacup pigs sale? advertisement. It is very much important that you should not resort to entering the field instead of leaving those pigs without caring for them.

How to purchase the teacup pig

In order to purchase the best teacup pig from the market, you should know the salient features of these pigs. The characteristics, their behavior and the way that you should deal with them should be known beforehand so that you will make the most from your investment. You should figure out the reliable seller. If you can understand the way the sellers will manage teacup pigs in their firm and the food that they will give them on a daily basis, you will have an idea so that you can prepare yourself to take up the similar kind of responsibility.

If you do not have friends or family members who own teacup pigs, you should gather as much information as possible so that you will make the most from the investment. After going through a ?Teacup pig sale? ad, you should inquire about the price, age and other factors. If the price is less than the market price, you should take time to figure out the drawback. The breeders should not hide facts about teacup pigs. By purchasing healthy pigs through ?teacup pigs sale? offer, you will have great fun and excitement.


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How much are Teacup Pigs?


Teacup pig Health That Every Owner Must Know

Pigs really are a fantastic supply of meat, however they can also be fantastic animals. Discovering out exactly what pig traits are can help you to definitely consider treatment of those smart animals and get to know with the teacup pig health. Even though qualities might differ in accordance to breed, a number of genetic traits are current amongst pigs.

They are able to also discover new behaviours as confirmed by tests and study. They are able to transfer a display cursor and keep in mind drawings as well as scribbles they currently understood. Researchers think they’re smarter compared to primates as well as three-year previous kids.

One from the unique pig traits is their hygiene. Opposite to other peoples’ perception, pigs are usually thoroughly clean animals. This really is proven by their option of bathroom much absent from their meals and drinking water troughs as well as their shelter.

Pigs, like some other animals, possess sweat glands just on their own snouts. That’s why they adore to become close to the drinking water or mud particularly in scorching climate.

Pigs are usually near-sighted. They’ll use their feeling of scent and listening to to manual them exactly where to go. Additionally they use their snouts to search for meals. They’re like canines that sniff issues they would like to discover.

Pigs are impartial animals. In contrast to canines, they don’t take care of a lot interest. They’re much more like vegetation that only have to be fed, properly watered, and brought from the sunlight. Obviously, investing time together with your pig can make it much more connected for you, although not like canines, they’ll not look for loving companionship.

Pigs can leap. They are doing leap, only somewhat reduced and provided that they’re attempting to attain for some thing or are surprised. They’ll also leap in the event you teach them to.

Pigs are extremely trainable animals and teacup pig health is very commendable. Just make certain you’ve treats of meals as being a supply of inspiration.

Using these pig traits, perhaps you’re obtaining truly thrilled about obtaining a pig as being a pet. Nevertheless, also keep in mind that pigs demand a great deal of area because they are able to develop truly large. Additionally they are usually harmful once they are discovering.

How Much are Teacup Pigs?

Some pigs aren’t for sale due to their various meats, even though they’re usually taken care of due to the higher need for pork. You will find breeds of pig which are for show only, exactly like in dogs. They have by no means been identified why anybody desires to look after little pigs, but you will find a great deal regarding how much are teacup pigs really is available on the market throughout the world.

It seems that you will find also business owners, who purchase breeding pigs which are for show exclusively, that market their pigs to fascinated clients at an inexpensive price. You are able to bargain with such individuals and possess a compromise cost for those pigs.

The much more typical type of pet pigs available for sale are miniature pigs that are little in comparison towards the regular pigs. They are great pets whenever you think about that they don’t develop into a sizable incomprehensible size which will not be adorable to get a pet any longer.

They’re little, cute, soft and cuddly and clean, when offered correct therapy. Nevertheless, it’s a common nature of most pigs to favor dirt more than clean atmosphere and if you’re not cautious, you’ll find your house plagued by pig droppings in which smell terrible. If you would like clean surroundings, consider twice just before purchasing pet pigs available for purchase.

You can’t oppose to the nature in the pigs, regardless of what the films show you. Generally there happen to be numerous pet pigs within the TV and they’re not portrayed in their accurate type that you simply might really think your pet pigs will simply be cute.

Just before you really consider how much are teacup pigs available on the market, take into consideration the benefits and drawbacks initially. Are you currently ready to provide additional interest for your pet to ensure that it’ll not go about massacring your furnishings and taking walks with mud all more than the home? If you’re, choose pet pigs available for purchase. But if you’re not, if you’re a clean nut who desires everything in thoroughly clean order, this particular pet isn’t for you personally. You might wish to think about some other sorts of pet apart from the pig.

You are able to ask anybody you realize who’ve pet pigs on the market and find out how they’re coping with it. It will likely be sensible in the event you see for yourself your pet in its house atmosphere and see the way it behaves just before you purchase it. Within this case you’ll see whether or not it has been educated to become neat orderly, or to become savage as well as barbaric. You don’t wish to invest the rest of one’s life caring to get a pet that only tends to make your house appear much less like a house.